Process Of Custom Home Construction

What does it look like working with Cole Construction?

We are not your typical builder. You will be able to fully customize your home. Many builders keep their clients in A, B or C boxes. We think outside the box. This is your home and we want to make it as unique as you are.


The large majority of our projects consists of custom homes for private clients. Most often, we work directly with clients because they are finding their lot. We pride ourselves in walking you through the process from beginning to completion and making it an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. We will listen to your ideas and concerns in order to help you in making decisions regarding style, design, expenses, deadlines and more. Many important areas will be reviewed.

At Cole Construction, we guide you through the architectural selection process assuring that your home will follow the community or district guidelines. Partner with one of our skilled architects, add your own thoughts and inspirations, and the possibilities are limitless.

With your plans complete, we will assist you with your interior finish selections. We offer our clients flexibility and personal service. Meghan, our project coordinator, will discuss essential requirements and work to understand your personal vision. We will introduce to you style and design that will meet your individual tastes and reflect the way you want to live and how you want your home to function.

We will work on an estimate for your home. It is not a two-page document, but rather a lengthy document that explains how we will build your home. From being an energy-efficient green home to spending allowances on appliances, this report is vital to your build and will help everyone flush out what kind of home you want.


After proper permitting, with your precise set of plans, your well-detailed interior specifications, and your specified budget, we are set to build your new custom home and create something amazing.

We are methodical planners. The brothers engineer your house so that the framing surpasses codes and load requirements. We calculate how big of an air-conditioning system your house needs using proprietary software, and we work with you to pick out selections not when they are critically needed, but want to give you time to pick out the elements that make your house your house. A good plan saves time building and leads to fewer delays.

As part of your Building Construction Agreement, you will receive a written construction schedule. Not only will you see the progression of the construction, but you will also be given a timeline for decisions and selections to be made. In coordination with one of our partnered designers, you can be assisted with professional design services to coordinate your decisions and selections. This results in Cole Construction completing the project on time and ready to make it your home.

A Written Customer Walk-through Before Closing

We want you to be happy with your home. A scheduled walk-through will occur with you and Cole Construction before your final closing. We will then go over manufacturer warranties and builder warranties on your home and how the process works. We want you to love your home and are happy to address any questions you might have as you move into your new home.

Would you like to start working with us? Feel free to give us a call or email us on our contact us page. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you build the home you have always dreamed about.