Pre-Construction Services

Where do you begin? Do you start reviewing plans online, or start interviewing architects?
Have you thought about starting with us?

Too often we review plans that architects have drawn, only to tell the client the home is more than they can afford. This results in costly drawing revisions, upset clients and delaying construction time and time again.

At Cole Construction, we offer a unique approach to building way before we ever begin to dig in the ground. We begin by meeting with you and listening to what you want. We begin to have a sense of what kind of home you want and what kind of budget you want to have. Then we set up meetings with architects of your choice. Working with you and the architect to develop your dream home within your budget while streamlining the process to bring your project to construction. Eliminating costly re-designs and the frustrations & anger that come with cutting elements out of your home.

Contact us now to start moving forward with your custom home.